Our Story

Eco-Safe began in 1968 as an Environmental Protection Club at Oklahoma State University. The founder, Michael Brandt was studying Entomology... yes bugs.  He had a vision to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in the pest control industry. Michael began Eco-Safe Pest Control in 1970 and has been using natural products and methods ever since. 

In 2016, Michael's son Gregory founded EcoSafe® Labs, which continued the work of his father but also expanded to the home cleaning industries by developing the most effective natural organic formulations.

Now we're at my part. I'm Anna and about 2 years ago Chris, my son who is a pest control tech at EcoSafe brought me a bottle of Ultra ZR1. I live in Texas with a stinky dog, a bunch of cats, and an indoor rabbit along with my husband and boys who work outdoors all summer long.  Believe me, I've used nearly every deodorizer, air freshener and odor neutralizer product on the market but,

I was highly skeptical of Ultra ZR1. Why? The Label.

It claimed that Ultra ZR1 neutralizes instantly some very diverse, tough smells.

I used different products for each type of odor. Cat urine had one product, the laundry had another. Upholstery had a separate spray and I had a different one for general air freshening. You get the point.

The label also claimed that it was safe in the washing machine and carpet cleaner, or I could use it as a spray AND it's completely safe for children and pets. Really? 

Ingredients checked out, it's safe for my pets. That's great but would it work?

First, I used it in the laundry. One wash cycle and the cloths smelled fresh.  No lingering funk, just fresh. One point. 

Next was mopping.  Again, fresh.  Two points plus a bonus-  Ultra ZR1 didn't need a wall of fragrance to cover up anything. My home smelled lovely, calm and fresh. 

The ultimate test was the tray under the bunny cage. Don't get me wrong, I would get it clean but rabbit urine is pungent. I thought the odor was infused in the plastic. A quick spray was like magic.   

So I only buy the gallon now.  I keep the spray bottle under the kitchen sink and refill it from the gallon jug in the laundry room.  

About 6 months ago at 1 AM  my neighbor posted a 911 message on our local group.  Both her pups got skunked… again.  She was completely out of expensive skunk dog shampoo and it being the middle of the night, wasn’t able to pop out to the store for more.  I only had a couple ounces of Ultra ZR1 left but I walked it down to her. She added it to blue dish soap and lathered those pups up.  Smell- gone. 

The only real problem with Ultra ZR1 was that if you didn’t happen to know Chris, his coworkers, or work in the dozen or so industries that already use it professionally then it was virtually impossible for a consumer to hear about it, let alone buy some. 

As you can see, I fixed that.