Ecosafe  Predator

Ecosafe Predator

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EcoSafe Predator is a Barrier Scent product that encapsulates real predator urine in a water- resistant wax base. This natural odorant shouts DANGER to rats, mice, squirrels and rabbits to deter them from chewing holes into your home or other buildings and moving in. Predator can also protect electrical wires and motor housings on vehicles or outdoor electrical equipment such as air conditioner equipment.    

Predator also deters rabbits and other small animals from snacking on flowers and vegetable gardens. 

The ease of application cannot be overstated: remove the cap, turn the knob to raise the stick and apply Predator. No mess, very low odor for the human nose, eco-friendly and safe.

For use on:

  • Exterior Walls, Roof Eaves, Fascia Boards, Door and Window Trim, Siding
  • Retaining Walls, Rocks, Trees, Garden Fencing*
  • Garages, Sheds, and Shops
  • Vehicles, Trailers, RVs, Boats and Airplanes
  • Swimming pool pumps, Outdoor Air Conditioners, Motor Housings
  • Dog houses, Chicken Coops, and Barns
  • Chimneys, Attics, and Crawl Spaces


Not for use indoors in living areas or anywhere you have food prep or serving areas. 

*No fencing? No problem- Make an invisible fence with popsicle sticks. Rub some Predator onto the sticks and place them every 3 to 5 feet around the perimeter.